Monk’s Bistrot New Year’s Eve dinner reservation

30,000 Ft

Reservation fee for 1 person is 30.000,- Ft, which can be consumed in its entirety from the price of the a'la carte dinner.


The end of the year is approaching, and at Monk’s Bistrot we are preparing for the special occasion with special dishes, brand new cocktails, delicious champagnes and, of course, a great atmosphere.

Reserve your table in time and say goodbye to the year 2023 with us!

Some important information about New Year’s Eve reservations:

– Booking is only possible by paying 30.000,- Ft/person in advance.

– This 30.000,- Ft/person deposit can be consumed in full as part of New Year’s Eve a’la carte dinner.

– When making a reservation, please indicate your name and the number of people coming with you. We will prepare your table in advance, so if you book for 5 people, we will prepare a table for 5 people.

– The reservation applies to a period of 2.5 hours, unfortunately this time will be shortened in case of delay.

– Reservable time ranges for the New Year’s Eve dinner: 18:30-21:00 and 21:30-00:00.

– We are waiting for you on New Year’s Eve with our à la carte menu.


18:30-21:15, 21:30-24:00